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Legislative AIRegulatory AI
Use Cases
and Regulatory Insights
Your one-stop source of curated and derived intelligence on historical and active legislative sessions, legal legislation and regulatory filings.

Legislative AI: invaluable intelligence from legislative data

Get Eye Opening Insights
Our AI powered platform enables you to stay ahead of legislation you are tracking and others you need to keep an eye on..

With Coterie’s Regulatory AI, spend more time exploring insights, none on acquiring data

Gen AI intelligence meets legislative process
Imagine being able to easily ask and get the answers you need real-time 
Sample Use Cases

Chamber of Commerce

Keep an eye on all upcoming legislation


Improve the efficiency with which you derive insights from filings

School Board

Understand what exists and get involved with what’s coming

Building Codes

Keep track of the latest codes
Our Value Propositions

One Stop

Get everything you need in one place: curated documents, transcripts, filings, reports, analysis and much more.

Trends and Patterns

Empower your teams with data-driven, AI-powered insights, giving your organization a competitive edge.

Easy Integration

Connect and integrate your in-house legislative and regulatory tech with our solutions, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

Always Up to Date

Get the latest information, always and at your fingertips.

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